Latest news regarding COVID boosters and 2nd vaccines for under 18’s

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Although this was announced on the news last evening, we are not able to start inviting patients just yet so please be patient with us.  The practice is awaiting more information and cannot proceed with boosters for patients at less than 6 months until we receive the new National Protocol and Patient Group Directive direct from NHS England.  Early reports are that we will have these in around two weeks. 

On this basis we are planning more COVID vaccination clinics and increasing our staffing levels to try and accommodate the increased demand.

Please do not contact the Practice as this increases the telephone wait for patients who are unwell and need immediate care

  • Due to the new Variant boosters will be brought forward to everyone aged 18+
  • Even though has been announced the eligibility of cohorts 11 and 12 it is not yet operational
  • 18–39-year-olds will receive booster in descending age groups
  • 12–15-year-olds will receive their 2nd vaccine, but not sooner than 12 weeks and likely to be done at schools and other centres

Once you are eligible you then have two options

  • Wait for an invitation from us, this will be by text/e mail link or a telephone call. We do not use the national booking service at Milford Memorial Hospital.  The number of appointments we provide depends on vaccine allocation & staffing levels.