Type 1 Diabetes Patient Survey

Type 1 Diabetes

Patient Survey

NICE, the body that decides which medications and technology are available on the NHS, will soon publish new guidelines for managing Type 1 diabetes. This is expected to increase access to flash/continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. With this in mind, we want to learn more about our patients with Type 1 diabetes and their current use of technology. Although you might expect us to have this information already, it is not always clear from hospital letters what technology people are using.

The information you provide in your responses will be added to your medical records and will enable us to contact you when relevant updates to the NICE guidance are made.

Type 1 Survey
Confirmation *
When was your most recent appointment with an endocrinologist (specialist diabetes doctor)?
What kind of appointment was it?
Do you have an upcoming (or follow-up) appointment booked?
How do you monitor your blood glucose levels?
How many times per day do you test your blood glucose levels?
Would you like to start using a flash glucose monitor (Libre)?
Which type of CGM do you use?

Did you know that we could upgrade you to a Libre 2? This newer model allows you to add high/low glucose alarms.

To learn more about this, click the following link:

Libre2 | New Forest PCN

How many times per day do you check/scan your CGM (sensor)?
How do you take your insulin?
Do you count carbohydrates when calculating your mealtime insulin doses?
Carbohydrate counting can be a useful way to improve your blood sugars after meals.

Here is a link to our webpage on carbohydrate counting. It contains a link to a free online course and other resources:
New Forest PCN Carbohydrate Counting Page

Do you do this in your head, using a chart/table, or a calculator/app?
Have you tried to improve your blood sugars by changing your diet?
Would you ever consider doing so?
Are you a member of Sugar Buddies – Hampshire and Dorset Peer Support Facebook Group?
Many people with Type 1 diabetes find peer support groups very helpful. Sugar Buddies is a group for people with diabetes in Hampshire and Dorset.

Here is a link to the Sugar Buddies website: Sugarbuddies – learn, share, live… with diabetes

Here is a link to the Sugar Buddies Facebook group:

Sugarbuddies – UK Diabetes Support – Home | Facebook

Do you understand what closed-loop pump therapy is?
Do you use a closed-loop system?
Would you be interested in group sessions with others with Type 1 diabetes provided by the surgery?
When would be most convenient to attend these sessions?