It’s all about Flu

This year Wistaria and Milford Surgeries will be undertaking our biggest Flu vaccination programme ever. We normally provide around 5000 immunisations each year. This year there are over 9000 of our patients eligible for a flu vaccine. Help us to deliver this mammoth task safely by following the guidance on this page.


  • We are taking bookings for shielding patients and those in their households, all those aged over 65, those under 65 in at risk groups and those aged 2 or 3 on 31/8/20
  • These appointments can be booked via Patient Access, via the NHS app or by phone (press option 0 after 10am)
  • We ran a Saturday clinic at Milford on 19/9/20 and a Sunday clinic at Wistaria on 27/9/20
  • Read about why the flu immunisation is even more important this year in this BBC news article
  • Please do not book Flu appointments for those under 18 online. This needs to be done by phone.
  • Additional Vaccine now available – all those 50 and above are now eligible for a free flu vaccination. For details on how to book see below.

Attending a flu clinic

  • You need a booked appointment, for some clinics you will be told a colour which you need to remember
  • You must have no cough, fever or loss of taste or smell
  • Please do not arrive early
  • Wear a face mask
  • Stick together with members of your household, you can enter the injection room together, you may need to queue
  • Remain 2 meters away from those from another household
  • Follow the one-way route

Book your flu immunisation now. We now have additional vaccine from a central stockpile. Anyone aged 50 and above (and those who turn 50 by 31/3/21) is eligible for a free flu vaccination.

For those aged 50-64 not in an at risk group

We have been advised that we can start vaccinating people in this group from the 1st of December. We have had delivery of an additional 1000 vaccines and would urge you to book as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee further supplies from the governments central store. If you are 49 but turn 50 before 31/3/21 then you are also eligible.

How to book

This year there are more people than normal eligible for a Flu vaccination. The easiest way for an individual person to book is using the NHS online service from the NHS website or via the NHS app. For details of how to register for this service click here. If you are already registered with Patient Access then you can use this to book. You can use these services to request repeat medications as well as book appointments. There will by four different Flu vaccination appointment types available for adults and it is really important that you are booked into the correct appointment type:

  • Flu Over 65 – for those born on or before 31/3/1956
  • Flu Under 65 – for those born after 31/3/56 (These appointments are not for those under 18 – child appointments should be booked by phone)

If you are unable to book online you should phone (in the afternoon if possible) 01590 643022 or 01590 672212 and select option 0.

If you book online but are planning to attend with someone else who is also going to have the vaccine you will all individually need to book using your own logins. To book a whole household it may be easier to do this over the phone.

Patient Information Leaflets – Read before you attend

This year we are unable to hand out laminated sheets with information about the vaccines. We would recommend you read the documents linked below before you attend. Click on the button appropriate to you. These options are for adults only.

How to receive a Flu vaccination while social distancing

When you attend for a Flu vaccination you must have a booked appointment. You must wear a face covering unless you have a medical reason not to. You will find the following markers outside and inside to try and ensure you stay 2 meters away from anyone from another household. If you are attending with someone else from your household you should stay close together and move as one unit. Your temperature will be checked on arrival and if raised you will not be able to have the vaccine. Those giving your vaccine will be wearing a face mask but based on recent guidance they will not be wearing gloves or an apron but will be using alcohol gel on their hands between each patient. There will be a one way system at both practices.

For some clinics you will be told a colour. Make a note of this and join the specific socially distanced queue on arrival. Only enter the building when asked to do so.
Stand on the marking with any members from your household. Only move forward when the next marking is free maintaining 2 meters distance from those in front.
Once inside the building follow the footprint stickers. Only move forward once the person in front is approaching their next stop maintaining 2 meters distance. You can stand together with members of your household.