When should I call?

Tips on navigating our system

Non-urgent advice: When to use Klinik

Urgent requests for care – these are normally dealt with the same day, you are less likely to get your registered doctor

Non-urgent requests for care – these are reviewed normally within a few days and you may then be contacted to book an appointment which may be with your registered doctor

Follow-up of an ongoing issue – these are reviewed normally within a few days, if the issue is urgent you should instead submit an urgent request

Home visit requests – these are best submitted earlier in the day if possible

Medication Queries – these go to our medicines team with input from our doctors when needed

Sick note requests – also accessible via this link

Non-urgent advice: When to call (normally easier in the afternoons)

Booking nurse appointments

Booking annual review appointments e.g. Asthma, COPD, Diabetes

Booking an appointment if you have received a letter or text from us asking that you book an appointment