Eye Problem?

Often seeing an optician directly is the best option

Two services are available locally which enable you to get telephone advice and then if needed be seen by an optician on the NHS. This is for adults and children. Those under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. They can refer on to the hospital eye departments if needed.

You can call 0300 303 4922 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to book

Non-urgent advice: Urgent Eyecare Service

Red or painful eye or eyelids

Recently occurring flashes and floaters

Recent and sudden loss of vision

Foreign body in the eye

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Non-urgent advice: Minor Eye Conditions Service

Dry, gritty or uncomfortable eyes

Eye irritation and inflammation

A lot of recent discharge from the eye or watery eye

Ingrowing lashes

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You can also book directly with a participating optician. You can find local options here: www.primaryeyecare.co.uk.

These are the most local: (none in Lymington currently)

Specsavers New Milton Opticians, 3.6 miles, 55 Station Road, New Milton, BH25 6HY 01425 616256

Boots New Milton Opticians 3.7 miles, 20A Station Rd, New Milton, BH25 6JX 01425 629827