Check your options

If you have pain in one or both ears, a foreign body stuck in the ear, discharge or bleeding, dizziness or sudden deafness or buzzing then this page is not for you. You should instead request an appointment.

If you have a blocked sensation then the first thing is to check for wax and this can be done at various places locally saving appointments at the surgery (see yellow box).

If despite your ears being clear of wax you have an issue with your ears then you should request an appointment.

For hearing aid issues or child hearing problems see below.

Non-urgent advice: Could it just be wax?

Often a blocked sensation in the ear is just down to wax. For advice on managing ear wax please visit this page. This includes details of various local companies who will check your ears (some for free) saving appointments at the surgery for more pressing issues.

Non-urgent advice: Child Hearing Problems

You can now self-refer to the children’s hearing service for an assessment if you have concerns about your child’s hearing.

Click here to download the referral form which you will need to complete and then email to the address on the form.

Non-urgent advice: Hearing Aids

Do you want to be referred for a hearing aids assessment? First you need to check your ears are clear of wax.

Already have hearing aids? You should be able to contact your provider if you have any issues.