Clinical Research

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research in healthcare is the study of health and illness with the aim of developing and advancing medical knowledge to improve current treatment options and patient care.

Individual trials and studies focus on different aspects of healthcare. These can be for new treatments and medications, new life-style support techniques or aids and questionnaires to improve your wellbeing.

Research trials can be performed as a face-to-face appointment in your local hospital or GP surgery, or you may be offered the opportunity to access and participate in telephone or web based apps.

Research trials are promoted and conducted within all NHS settings to improve patient care and wellbeing.  The primary care setting consists of GP surgeries, Dental practices, and Pharmacies, working with the research networks and trials sponsors to deliver research in their local area for the management of long-term illnesses, prevention of future health conditions and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Remember, you can withdraw from a clinical trial at any time if you feel that it is not right for you. If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of a trial, you should feel comfortable discussing them with the research team at any time.


Why take part in Research Trials ?

The recent Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the global importance and need for research trials for the general public in all healthcare settings. Not only is research necessary for discovering new treatments for emerging diseases, it is also important to develop research to improve treatments and symptoms for a wide range of existing conditions.

Taking part in a research trial not only allows you the opportunity to gain access to new treatments that may improve your own health conditions, but to also provide health data to improve the future care of others that are experiencing the same illnesses and similar symptoms.

Our research partners, dedicated to provided our patients with the opportunity to access not only new and alternative treatments but also lifestyle support techniques with the aim to improve your health and the health of others.

All research participants are provided with a direct mobile number to be able to contact the team at any time during practice hours. The team are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Who Can Take Part in A Clinical Trial / Clinical Study?

Suitable participants will be contacted directly by Wistaria & Milford Surgeries, either by e mail, telephone, or text.  Your personal information is not shared with other providers or the research programme until you have consented to do so.

You will always be given plenty of time to consider whether you would like to take part. If you decide to enter the trial, you can withdraw at any time if you feel it is not right for you.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

All clinical trials are regulated to protect participants and are monitored by an Ethics Committee to ensure that the participants rights, safety and well-being is protected.

Good Clinical Practice training must be completed by all research staff involved with clinical trials to demonstrate they have the relevant training and experience. Good Clinical Practice is an internationally recognised quality standard that must be followed when performing research.

What happens to my personal details and is my personal information safe?

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is legislation that ensures your identity is protected. These guidelines are adhered to at all times guaranteeing the safe sharing of your data and personal information.

When you join a clinical trial, your information is anonymised. This means, that all patient data is submitted using an individual trial identification number rather than using any personal information, ensuring your personal information is protected and secure.

Please note “Signing up to the national opt from the use of your data for medical research does not automatically stop the practice from contacting you about the ability to take part in specific research projects”.¬†