Hampshire & Thames Valley Non- Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) Update

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The Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS), provided by South Central Ambulance
Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS), delivers transport for eligible patients who have a
medical reason that means they are not able to travel for treatment by another method.
This information aims to provide you with the key changes to our service.
WHAT’S CHANGING on 1st November 2023

Health Care Professionals will no longer have access to book routine outpatient appointments
for patients. You, your relatives, and carers can access
https://managemybooking.scas.nhs.uk/patientzone to manage the booking process from
end to end.

If it is your first use of NEPTS, you will need to book via the telephone and create your record
and thereafter the online system will be available.
They will require the following information to set up an account on the SCAS patient hub.

  • NHS Number
  • DOB
    Patients can book via the online platform up to 20 days in advance but no later than 2 working
    days before the appointment.
  • This platform enables the patient to.
  • Place a booking on the system.
  • Amend a booking.
  • Cancel a Transport booking.
  • Obtain an Estimated Time of Arrival
    Telephone Numbers

  • For Patients that do not have access to book via the online platform you may use the following
    Hampshire Patient Led Line –0300 123 9833
    Thames Valley patient Led Line – 0300 100 0015