Exercise is important

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Here are some differing levels of exercises that can be done at home.

Please remember to work within the limits of your ability and be mindful of any medical conditions and associated medications that may affect you whilst exercising and take appropriate steps.

  • Seated: –
  • Low Impact: –
  • Intermediate: –
  • Advanced: –

Qigong can harmonise, strengthen, and have a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems. It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body, can have a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity, and it induces calm mental and emotional states: –

  • Seated: –
  • Morning: –
  • Anxiety: –
  • Before bed: –

As we are allowed to go out for exercise walking is a great choice, here is a link to the NHS walking for health webpage which has tips and resources to help you along the way. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/walking-for-health/

We are truly blessed to practically have the New Forest on our doorstep – so how about a spot of Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing has been a huge success in Japan where it has been successfully used in wellbeing and it really does work – and it’s catching on in the UK! Check this site out and try it out!  https://www.newforestliving.co.uk/guides/a-guide-to-forest-bathing-in-the-new-forest