Reports and Letters

Reports & Letters

If you have a report which needs completing please drop it into the surgery for your doctor to review. If you need to be seen in order to complete the report you will be contacted to arrange an appointment. Only some reports are NHS work and so a charge may be required for certain reports. Some reports are sent to us directly e.g. from insurance companies or from the DVLA. Please note any insurance reports are considered routine work and can take two weeks or more to complete.

Please see below for some guidance on certain types of reports. If you have submitted a report and have not heard anything after a reasonable time then please phone the surgery (preferably in the afternoon) and select the option to speak to a secretary.

Non-urgent advice: Capacity Assessments

Sometimes you might need to arrange an assessment of capacity, for example for creating or activating a Power of Attorney. This is not NHS work and the partners have taken the decision to not provide this service privately.

Access to your medical records is not crucial as a capacity decision is specific to this particular decision rather than being dependant on medical history on the patients practice records. The decisions need time and expertise which would be outside our NHS time. At our practice we feel we need to focus on our NHS services rather than providing additional non-NHS services.

Various other people can do these assessments for you (it doesn’t always need to be a doctor). One option is Dr Andrew Barker who is a consultant Psychiatrist. He provides this service privately with details found on his website (we have no financial relationship with this doctor).

Non-urgent advice: Fit to do something requests

The doctors are not qualified to say you are fit to e.g. run the Paris Marathon. We will not provide reports like this. You may need to seek an assessment from a private clinic.

Non-urgent advice: Photo ID confirmation

Our doctors cannot provide ID verification in support of passports or other applications you may need. This is a private service and would be outside our NHS work. At our practice we feel we need to focus on our NHS services rather than providing additional non-NHS services.

Non-urgent advice: Blue Parking Badges

The application process for a disability parking badge is not via us but is instead via Hampshire Council. For more details visit their website.