Referral Admin

Once you have been referred by your GP surgery the clinic or hospital you have been referred to becomes responsible for dealing with your referral and subsequent appointments, unless there is a change in your condition. They are responsible for arranging tests, scans etc. and communicating the results of any tests with you.

If a specialist clinic suggests a medication they will often prescribe this for you but sometimes they contact us to do the prescription. It can take some time for details of what they want us to prescribe to reach us. Contact your pharmacy to see if the medication has been issued. If you think something has been missed then you can select the “Medication Queries” tile in the Klinik system.

Non-urgent advice: Need a new referral?

If you would like a new referral you will need to request an appointment using our Klinik system.

Below you will find some useful numbers to help you manage a referral.

Useful contact numbers:

Non-urgent advice: Hospital Transport

The Practice cannot provide hospital transport.  If you are housebound and cannot leave your house alone then please discuss this with the outpatient department of the hospital that has and accepted your referral and appointed you.   They will discuss your transport needs and ensure you meet their criteria.

NHS Hospital transport                      0300 123 9833

If you do not meet the criteria for hospital transport, then the Practice is unable to assist with this.  However, if you do not want to book your own taxi, there are various local charities and volunteer groups that offer this service for a charge based on fuel costs.

Call & Go New Forest                         01425 461751

Lymington Cars                                   01590 679187

Milford on Sea Cars                            01590 641700