COVID Vaccination – Request Invite

Use the form below to request an invitation for a COVID 19 vaccination at the War Memorial Hospital in Milford on Sea.

This is for people registered with the following practices:

  • Wistaria and Milford
  • Chawton House Surgery
  • Lyndhurst Surgery
  • New Forest Medical Group
Request COVID Vaccination Invite
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Which dose are you looking for an invite for? *

You should only use this system to request a second dose invite if it is 8 weeks since your first dose and you have not heard anything from your practice.

If it is less than 8 weeks please wait for an invite. Return here after 8 weeks if you have not heard anything.

Booster doses can only be given later than 6 months after a second dose. Booster doses will be offered in order starting with the highest risk.

Only use this form to request an invite if you think you have been missed bearing in mind which group we are currently vaccinating as stated on

How would you like to receive your invite? (Via Text is the best option if possible but you need a smartphone)

Pfizer for your second dose (having previously had AstraZeneca) can only be booked over the phone. Please leave the best number and time of day to contact you.

It is recommended that people should have a second dose of the same vaccine. However, we don’t want people to miss out on having the benficial protection of two doses. Having Pfizer for your second dose having previously had AstraZeneca has been shown to cause slightly more mild side effects after the second dose.