Blood Pressure Checks

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From time to time your GP may ask you to provide a Blood Pressure reading.  This is especially important for those oncertain medications.  We are also keen to look for patients with undiagnosed high blood pressure which is a big risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

In some situations, we might give a month’s supply of medication (rather than two) while we wait for a reading to be submitted.  Our patient co-ordinators and medicines team work closely with the GPs to ensure we have the relevant information before preparing prescriptions.

You may provide a blood pressure reading by:

• Using your own machine at home

• Using a machine in the waiting room

• Borrowing a machine from us to do 5 days of home readings

You can submit your results online via a form on our website.  You will also find a chart for doing 5 days of readings there. You might receive a text message with a link to a questionnaire which is another way of getting a reading to us.

There is an option on that page to check your one-off reading before submitting it.  We would recommend doing this as those people with a Blood Pressure which is higher than recommended should do 5 days of home readings before a decision is made regarding their treatment.

For those who cannot access the website you can drop readings in at reception.  There are instructions near the blood pressure machines in the waiting rooms advising you what to do. Make sure to include your name and date of birth with any readings you drop in.