Mental Health Awareness Week 10 – 16 May 16 2021

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Mental health is something that affects so many people, in so many ways. Yet the subject is not spoken about as much as it should be and people are worried about mentioning it for fear of what the response may be.

Thankfully attitudes have changed and continue to move in positive directions, it can be talked about more openly now and there are ways of getting guidance that helps to make it all the more easier to address so we can support ourselves, others and each other.

Here are some useful links to resources to help improve mental, physical and emotional health which are essentially connected.

Mental Health UK: –

They are using the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, while reconnecting with nature across the week.

Forestry England: –

Information about forest bathing, it is proven that getting out into nature helps with mental as well as physical health – and we have the forest very near!

And then there’s the sea…..New Forest Primary Care Network: –

Lots of resources on wellbeing and much more!


The mental health charity has some great resources, here is information about alternatives to prescribed anti-depressants.

The NHS:

Information and resources.